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Self expression through art


What would you say inspired you to pursue the creative field you are in?

The lack of representation of South Asian women and women of colour in general within the creative field inspires me to share my experiences through art. Self-expression through art (writing poetry and painting) has always come natural to me and I love to tell stories about themes like female empowerment and mental health.

What's in your creative toolbox?

I'm a old-school gal and pencils, pens and paintbrushes are my tool of choice. Also, my 35mm film camera keeps me inspired because I like to capture reality from my dreamy perspective and look back on my photos for inspo.

PAIR XXII // Amour

Who are some other creatives that inspire you and why?

Sana Jaffery (@jvff3ry) for her work displaying South Asian culture and women, Hamda (@hamwarz)'s hypnotically mesmerizing portraits, Sauce (@designedbysauce) 's work that has hidden meanings that serve both an aesthetic purpose and functional one. Richard's (@lowerforces) photography because it embraces the eeriness through beauty, Felice (felice.c0m)'s editorial and streetwear photography makes the mundane seem like a film.

PAIR XXVIII // Femme Rouge 

What is some of the best advice you've received or the lessons you've learned?

Being a creative is tough because it's such a difficult skill to gauge and also so easy to compare yourself to the endless artists on social media. My mentor from The Remix Project (shoutout Meg!) reminded me "talk to yourself nice" and this simple piece of advice keeps me grounded.


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