Consistency is key

What would you say inspired you to pursue the creative field you are in?

There are several reasons but I think it’s fun to express yourself. It’s also cool create something you’ve been thinking about in your head and make a physical representation of that idea. Also creatives seem to attract each other so it’s pretty cool to collaborate with others.

What's in your creative toolbox? Video production: Sony a7sii, a bunch of lenses, my Mac, premiere pro

Music Production: Logic Pro, a mic, my notepad

Who are some other creatives that inspire you and why?

Tyler the creator & Childish Gambino!

What is some of the best advice you've received or the lessons you've learned?

Consistency is key. The more you create, the more your craft will become second nature. So it will be easier to making things without over thinking. Also to keep learning. It’s easy to get comfortable once you get good at something but you never want to plateau.

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