Don't worry, just create...

What would you say inspired you to pursue the creative field you are in?

My education in Political Science & Criminology at Oxford University and the "Me Too" movement inspired me to pursue the creative field that I'm in. During my Master's degree, I specialized in domestic violence and "honour"-based violence. I spoke to many people who identified as feminists, and I realized that much of the literature on feminism is inaccessible. I want to change that and make sure knowledge is not monopolized by only those who can afford it. I use my platform to spread knowledge on feminist theories and current issues.

What's in your creative toolbox?

G-suite, Wix, Nikon D2500

Who are some other creatives that inspire you and why?

@whyhifly inspires me because she consistently aims to work alongside others and elevate

not only herself.

What is some of the best advice you've received or the lessons you've learned?

The best advice I've received related to being a content creator is to just create. Not worry about the outcome or the number of likes or followers, just to create what you're passionate about.

I make content designed to empower women and people of colour. I've launched a series of videos that focus on a variety of feminist issues and am currently working on both a Boss Babes series and a Powerful POC series.

Instagram: @PoshPolitical Twitter: @PoshPolitical

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