Necessity to express

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

What would you say inspired you to pursue the creative field you are in?

The necessity to express myself beyond the simple word and idle chatter. We can convey so much more through music, the written word and visual arts. Relying on one source of communication casts too many limits on the soul. Used to do this graphic thing for a living, but it never provided adequate satisfaction. When one creates on their own terms, there are far less restrictions; the entire process is much more rewarding. You go beyond being a tool in someone else's box, to the entire arsenal.

What's in your creative toolbox?

No matter what I'm working on, it all begins with my trusty orange, mechanical pencil. Been using the same one now for the past 6 years or so. Beyond that I have my Huion tablet and, finally, a proper Photoshop subscription (formally a bootleg copy of CS2), for the graphic design; and both Molotow and Marvy Uchida markers, to make them shoes pop! Other than that, just ridiculous imagination, pain and joyous inspiration.

Who are some other creatives that inspire you and why?

Don't really have any one source of inspiration or a specific artist per sé... I tend to absorb from other illustrators, shibari rope artists and tattooists, to architecture, yogis and the cosmos itself. If I had to mention a few though, I'd have to say @mattrodway.tattoos, @marcayresphoto and @libydo_lybido on the Instagrams... All based of their eye-catching, edgy styles.

What is some of the best advice you've received or the lessons you've learned?

To be honest, it's quite simple... "Just be yourself", and ''Get shit done". There was a tendency to compare my works to that of others, resulting in never actually finishing anything. Then, I got a swift kick from a real voice that spawned the most creative time I've ever experienced, leading to the completion of my first piece in almost 15 years! After that, just rode that majestic wave of momentum, only working on things when I was ready. Adding unnecessary pressure only served to discourage the creative process, rather than enhance it. So... if you're not feeling it at the moment, then don't do it!

For the here and now, you can find me on the Insta @te.esprit. Hit a brother up if you're looking for some prints, canvas or the dopest pair of Vans and/or Chuck Taylor's you'll ever rock!

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